Sprucing Up a Daycare With Wall Murals

Daycares and children's learning facilities are supposed to be stimulating environments for kids. A great way to create an inviting and comfortable space for kids in these environments is to add wall murals. You can update the look of any educational facility by simply adding some fun colors and designs to the walls. Show off the school colors or a favorite Disney or cartoon mural. Wall murals bring an extra exciting element for kids in any daycare or childcare center.

Sprucing Up a Daycare With Wall Murals

Parents and kids walking into a daycare facility with beautiful wall murals will be instantly greeted and welcomed into a fun environment. No child wants to be surrounded by bare and plain walls all day. Children like to be excited and entertained constantly. A mural can bring an element of animation and anticipation every time your child goes to daycare.

Research has shown that there is a connection between colors and children's learning behavior. A room with lively wall murals will be sure to help train children's perceptions and stimulate their learning capabilities. Bright and colorful murals can help promote healthy growth and creativity, while also encouraging education.

Wall murals are great for every room in a daycare. For daycares without separate rooms, using murals can also be used to help separate the different spaces. Reading spaces, nap spaces, craft spaces, and play spaces can all be enhanced with wall murals. Calming murals with stars or clouds can be used to create a soothing environment where the kids take naps. Cover the walls of reading spaces with the letters of the alphabet, and use bright and colorful murals to transform the playrooms. Shapes, colors, or themes like space, jungle, or underwater are all great mural ideas for any daycare space.

Vibrant wall murals are also great alternatives to hand-painted murals or boring painted walls. Murals can be found in a number of patterns, materials, and locations. They tend to be easy to install and also easy to change if necessary with a variety of different materials including peel and stick vinyl or vinyl wallpaper materials. Transforming everything from home daycares, after-school daycare centers, and classrooms is easy with pre-cut and self-adhesive peel off strips. Window murals are also available to cover unsightly window views or to complete a themed daycare room. These are also easy to install with a static cling material that can be easily changed.

Kids get bored easily and don't want to be cooped up in a boring daycare. Create a visually appealing and stimulating space with exciting and fun wall and window murals. They will turn any boring educational facility into an enjoyable and fun place to stay and learn. Wall graphics are a sure way to make an impression on kids, families, and staff members.

For stimulating wall murals for every space in a daycare, Create My Scene has a number of themes and customizable design options to choose from. They have several patterns and themes that will transform any child education center.

Rita Wright is an interior designer, specializing in kids' environments with over 15 years of experience in the industry. For more information on wall murals for kids, visit Create My Scene.

by Rita M Wright; Wednesday, March 28, 2012 @ 06:36 AM [5631]

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