Here is how to determine if you should fix your home or sell it the way it is

Are you ready to list your current home for sale? You must be excited about the move. Most homeowners in this condition spend a lot of time to remodel the exterior over the years but forget the interior. It becomes a dilemma when you have to decide whether to renovate your home or sell it the way it is. Before we start, you should be aware that both, redoing your home or selling it as it is will cost you money. For example, you might get more money for the house when it sells, but it might cost you that much to do up. To begin, a personal loan is something which you can borrow for home DIY and improvements.

personal loan for homeRemodelling a home comes at extra charges, but it increases the value of your home. The answer to the dilemma lies in the variables. You should look at the competitive homes that are on sale. Evaluate if the real estate market is hot, neutral or even cold. As you sell your home, the focus should be on getting returns for the investment.

You may decide to fix the home before listing it and end up spending more than you should. Before making this move, it is good to get advice from your agent so that you can weigh the merits and demerits depending on the condition of your home. If the house needs a lot of attention, it would be wise to repair it before selling.

Holes on the walls, leaking roofs or faulty electrical systems can reduce the cost of the home if you sell it as it is. Such repairs need more than a simple coat of paint. You can offer the house to flippers or contractors as you sell it at a low price. It is in cases like this where a personal loan is probably the best option for you. A personal loan can offer you up to £35,000 to allow you to make all the necessary repairs to your home before selling it.

Some buyers are comfortable with purchasing fix –upper homes though they don’t like making too many repairs. A light cosmetic restoration would not deter the buyer from proposing a low price for the house. Buyers who consider fixing upper homes may be looking to gain from remodelling the homes themselves. They can be willing to make simple repairs like replacing light fixtures but not move walls or rebuild the entire foundation.

A buyer is not likely to purchase a home that requires a new roof. They may not want to do repairs that may cost them more than they anticipate. Major renovations such as replacing roofs may involve repairing rafters that come with additional costs.  A buyer needs a home that they can move into comfortably without worrying about major repairs. Therefore, fix these problems before listing your home for sale.

Weigh the value of the home against the cost of remodelling it. The improvement should be able to give you returns by raising the value of the property. Work on remodels that generate the highest returns such as improving the kitchen or the bathroom. Check the conditions of other homes that are on sale around your neighbourhood as you note the amenities in them. Compare such homes to yours so that you know what to improve.

Homes that have upgraded kitchens act as competition, and you should also work on your kitchen. A minor kitchen renovation can be an investment worth considering. Come up with a list of broken or faulty items and determine which need urgent fixing.

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