Should you take a loan to do home repairs?

Most homeowners facing major repairs consider remodelling homes. Finances can be a limiting factor despite the wish to improve the condition of your home. Thankfully, different financial institutions provide loans for homeowners to improve their homes. It is you to decide if this is the best option to take. Applying for a home equity loan can be a tricky choice when you need to upgrade home safety. Whether you are wanting a personal loan or a loan specifically for home improvements which can’t be used on anything else is completely up to you.

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A home equity loan is specifically meant to assist in covering unexpected expenses as well as home repairs. Taking money out of your equity exposes your home to risk. This can make you pay off your home longer than you intended. When buying a home that is not in the best condition, you should ensure that the price is low for you not to incur additional costs during renovations.

Things you must consider –

Before you apply for a loan to make the repairs, determine how urgent the need is. Repairs that threaten the safety of your homes such as faulty wiring or leaking roofs need attention. Look for the best deal by comparing different contractors and come up with a strict budget for the renovation project.

Do not take more money than you need for major repairs. For instance, if need to change the colour of your bathroom tiles, it may not be as urgent as fixing the plumbing system. The point is not to strain your finances since you don’t want to end up paying more than you intended.

A personal loan

Maybe a home equity loan isn’t the right type of loan for you. At Simple Personal Loans you could borrow an unsecured personal loan. These are loans which can be spent on anything including home DIY and improvements. With a personal loan, you can borrow from £1,000 to £35,000 for up to 6 years. But, the best thing of all about these loans is that they are repaid in small, fixed, monthly instalments. This takes a lot of pressure and stress off the loan itself as you don’t have to pay it all at once. So, maybe a personal loan is the best option for you! Find out more here.


You should also consider alternatives before taking up a loan. For instance, some savings can you repaint kitchen cupboards if you don’t have enough money to replace them immediately. Such small projects can make the home welcoming as you look for money to complete big remodelling jobs. You can also break your project into small stages as you give priority to the most important areas. Try to do some basic fixes on your own so that you can save some money.


Before getting a loan, you should also be aware of all the risks involved. For instance, a home equity loan can make you lose your home if you default to pay. It does not matter if you continue paying your mortgage. Therefore, do not depend on the equity and use it as an emergency fund since it risks your investment. Do not borrow too much money since it can prevent you from selling the home when you need to move to a new one. Also, shop around for you to get good rates when applying for the loan.

Utilize the money you borrow well as you remodel your home. Research different renovation companies and hire the one that can complete the repairs at low charges. Compare different quotes as you get referrals from friends who have remodelled their houses before. Avoid paying the entire costs before the work is complete but offer them a down payment. You should also include the insurance company if some repairs are as a result of fires or floods.

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