Homemade Solar Panels, Will Save You 50-75%+ On Your Next Electricity Bill Guaranteed!

Electricity cost can really be hard to deal with, especially if you're a real tool junkie or gadget lover. Speaking for myself.

Hey there, my name is Rawicha. my husband Tony loves building things for our house on his days off from work including enjoying our pool afterwards, which also is a huge expense that can really be hard to deal with sometimes. That's why I decided to go ahead and look into some electricity saving techniques like, "Homemade Solar Panels."

Homemade Solar Panels, Will Save You 50-75% On Your Next Electricity Bill Guaranteed!

A good friend of Tony's was telling him about a book that he bought about seven months ago or so. He told Tony he added a few solar panels to his house, he replied quick after he told him, "Oh yeah, I seen those up when I visited you the last time, but I forgot to mention them." He continued, "Yea, yea they work great man!"

Tony really just thought that they were too expensive after researching a few companies and always had those prices stuck in his head, so every time he heard 'solar panels' he just automatically "Red flagged" it. Not really paying attention to him say that he made them himself, so he finally decided to listen to the details about his 'solar panels' the next time he saw him.

He told Tony nothing but positive things about his fairly new 'Solar Panels' and guide that he had bought that was a whole lot different from the other "Do It Yourself" guides.

One of the main reasons he said he really put this one above all of the rest was because the guy who wrote the guide actually worked for a 'Solar Panel Company' for over five years, and really knew what he was talking about, down to the materials and tools. Very detailed.

Nick, his friend that was educating him on the "Homemade Solar panels," started going a little off the subject so he brought him back by asking a string of questions. He said, "Hey Nick, I want to know... How much did the panels cost to make?...How much was your regular or average electricity bill before you got the solar panels?....How much percentage did the 'solar panels' save you monthly?... And, where did you get your materials and tools?"

Nick told Tony that those were really good questions and began to answer them. Ok, the solar panels cost me under $600. I stopped him, "Wow, really? that's it?" "Yep." Nick said. He was already anxious and excited. Nick continued, "My regular electricity bill was about $400 to $600 max, a month, I have a pool too you know."

Nick then told Tony that the solar panels saved him a nice 79% (rounded up) on his electricity bill. He was on board! Right then and there. No more questions asked.

On my next day off he got the same book that Nick got, for his self, Nick was still using his copy plus, he don't mind supporting the master mind behind this guide, Tony would want people to try to support his book if he made one himself, so that's what he did.

He read the whole book, it took him about three days cause he really likes to take his time and sometimes read the same sentence over and over to make sure that the info. really sunk into his memory.

On the next day off that he had, Tony got all the materials and tools organized and ready in the garage for his next day off. So happy about this plan to save loads from our electricity bill in the future, all from our new "Homemade Solar Panels."

It was time to put them together and install them. It took him 2 days to put them together and 1 day to install them. Not bad, not bad at all! Now it was time to just sit back and wait for the bill to come.

I gave Tony a call at work, telling him that the electricity bill had arrived he was so excited, anxious and worried at the same time. He got home, stormed in the door, gave me a kiss and headed straight for the stack of bills on the table. Opened it, smiled, then he started calculating the savings.

We couldn't believe it, we beat Nick! 79.5756 (rounded up to 80%). I almost cried, from happiness. I was so shocked and happy after that, Tony's new name around the house is "The BIG Man of the house," now.

Do you need results like Tony's friend Nick, and our family? Would it help you out by saving up to 80% plus, on your electricity bill? If so, go ahead and check out how to make your Homemade Solar Panels like us, and get to saving as soon as next month.

by Rawicha Brown; Friday, April 13, 2012 @ 06:34 PM [3079]

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